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FiondFlex 360 Swivel Wheels

The ultimate solution to the cumbersome challenge of moving heavy furniture.

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  • 360° Flexibility

  • Simple Usage

  • Heavy-Duty

  • Smooth Operation

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The Future of Furniture Mobility is Here

Say goodbye to the grunt work of moving furniture and hello to the ease of FiondFlex 360 Swivel Wheels. Designed for smooth transitions and impeccable performance.


  • Homeowners & Renters
  • Elderly or Those with Limited Mobility
  • DIY Enthusiasts

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Move furniture with ease!

Moving heavy furniture can be a backbreaking task. The FiondFlex wheels make it a simple.

The smooth operation of these wheels helps to protect against such damage.

Dragging furniture can be noisy, which is a problem in multi-story buildings.

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Furniture Mobility

Floor Protection

Noise Reduction

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